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Website Terms

Barel Group Real-Estate Ltd. (“the company”) does its best to ensure the information on this website is accurate.

All the information that appears on the website is as is known to us and/or as given to us by the owners of the property or the people authorized by them to sell/rent the property.

These terms are written in masculine form, but are meant for all genders.

These website terms are the legal basis for browsing the website, and regulates the relationships between the company and the website visitor.

The company will not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage, direct or indirect, expected or unexpected, that results for the use of the website and/or the services offered by the website and/or by inability to use the website and/or the services offered by it and/or by the loss of data and/or damage to the computer, and the user of the website agrees that he is solely responsible for any use of the website and/or the services offered in it.

We always recommend our customers to preform legal, official, financial, planning, and other checks before buying or renting a property. The publishing on the website isn’t a recommendation to buy or rent a certain property.

The company reserves the right to change any information on the website without prior notification. If you have seen incorrect information, please inform us.

Our commission on buying/selling a property is two percent of the property value, and on rental the price of one month of rent. VAT will be added to any commission, according to the law. E&OE

For every question and/or clarification and/or inquiry, please contact the customer service of the company at the company address and/or by email [email protected]

Every visitor to the website declares by this action that he has read the website terms, and agrees to any terms or instructions in it, and that the visitor and anyone on his behalf will not have any claim and/or demand and/or argument to the website and/or the company and/or the website administrators and/or the company and/or its managers and/or its workers, regarding the terms or instructions in these website terms.

The company reserves the right to change the website terms from time to time by its judgement and without need for prior notification and/or warning.

Images shown on the website are for illustration only and do not bind the company and/or the website administrators. For clarification, a change of colors and sizes is possible, depending on the type of the computer and/or its size and properties. It is clarified and agreed that the company will do its best to show the customers the most accurate pictures possible.

The company is not obligated by the stock of properties and/or their pictures that appear on the website.

The company does its best to ensure that the information and everything shown on the website, is complete and accurate, but errors may occur, and the company will not be responsible for them or for anything the derived or related to them.

The company computer records of the actions made through the site are evidence for the correctness of the action.

The company isn’t liable for contents in other websites for which there are links to on this website. Additionally, the company does not promise that every link on the website leads to a working internet site.

The company is permitted to send email messages that contain advertisements. The user agrees that the company has the right to send to the email address given by the user when signing up to the website messages and updates, including advertisements.

By signing up for the website, the customer permits the company to send him direct mail with advertisements, including sending SMS messages to his phone for no cost for the user.

The company and/or the website administrators and/or their representatives will not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential or unusual, done to the user and/or the visitor and/or a third party, caused by use of the website.

If a mistake is made in the property description, the company and/or the website administrators will not be liable.

The images of the properties are intended for illustration only and there may be differences between the images shown on the website, some or all, to the actual properties rented or sold.


The company owns the copyright and the intellectual properties in the site, including the site design and graphics, its structure, the essence of the content, its icons, trademarks, logo, images and texts in it, and any other detail in the site of every type related to the site’s visuals and/or working.

It is not permissible to copy, reproduce, transmit, show, publish, sell, distribute or translate information from the site, including trademarks, images and texts, without prior written permission of the site administration.

It is not permissible to use the data published on the database, in the list of properties in it, or any other details in the site for commercial use, without prior written permission of the site administration.

It is not permissible to use any data that is published on the site or on any service, without prior written permission from the site administration, and only on the terms of the permission (if specified).

© 2003-2006 All rights reserved. Barel Real Estate Group Ltd (formerly Barel Real Estate in Zichron Yaacov, Ltd). Barel Real Estate in Zichron Yaacov, the green/orange logo of Barel, the “For Sale”, “For Rent”, “Rented”, “Sold” signs in green/orange, the Barel Real Estate Group (Barel Real Estate in Zichron Yaacov), Ltd, compound, the house logo, 30900 is a trademark, 30900® is a registered trade mark of Barel Real Estate Group, Ltd (Zichron Yaacov). Other symbols might be trademarks of their owners, respectively.

It is permissible to use the information here or this website or any part of this website only for making a transaction with Barel Real Estate Group. It is not permissible to copy or use any part of this website outside of this website in any way or form, without prior written permission from Barel Real Estate Group, Ltd.

Zichron Yaacov is sometimes erroneously spelled Zichron Yaacov as Zichron Yaaqov, Zikhron Yaacov, Zichron Yaakov, Zikhron Yaaqov or Zikhron Yaakov. We aim to be consistent and always spell Zichron Yaacov as Zichron Yaacov and in Hebrew זכרון-יעקב.

If there are trademarks (including images, plans and more) that were given for publication for companies offering services or products through this site, then these trademarks are owned by those companies, and cannot be used without their permission.


The company takes the utmost precautions expected in order to keep the secrecy of the information and the privacy of its customers. Data in the site is passed in an encrypted format with the http protocol.

The company is obligated to use the information of the customers registered on the website only for the website needs.

The company promises to not give the information of the customers to a third party that isn’t related to the company without their permission.

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