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תודה לדייויד מורגן

משפחת פיט
December 29, 2020
Dear David,

Laura and I would like to thank you for your terrific assistance with the process of purchasing and setting up our new home here in Zichron Yaakov. As you know, we were quite concerned about buying a home in Israel and especially buying a newly built house that did not have a kitchen installed. You assured us last June that it would not be a big deal even though we would be in the US for months, and you recommended the names of both a carpenter and a countertop guy who could do the work.

Your recommendations were excellent and they succeeded in building a lovely kitchen in a timely manner. But what we are most impressed with is how you stepped in personally to smooth the way when problems arose during the process. You really went above and beyond anything we could have expected from a realtor. You really made sure that everything got done so that when we arrived as new olim we would have a home that was ready to live in. You were there to open doors for workmen, set up bill payments, make recommendations on various service providers, and be on hand for the arrival and installation of all the appliances.

We want to commend you for your excellent service and thank you for your friendship. We absolutely love our house and look forward to seeing you here in Zichron Yaakov in the coming years. Please know that we would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone looking for homes in the area.

Best regards,
Mark and Laura Pitt

מכתב תודה לדייויד מורגן

ממשפחת נויימן
David Morgan—A great relator!
To Whom it May Concern ,
We had the privilege of having David Morgan as our relator !
We were so impressed with his skills, efficiency, and how he followed through on every
detail. He is detailed, organized, and immediately responded to each and every question—-
even when he was on vacation or late at night .
We don’t live in Israel now, but it didn’t matter to him. He is always ready to do whatever it
takes and way over a person’s expectations!!
He is an honest person and really knows how to communicate in every way: text, email,
phone, what’s up and always in such a kind manner. He is a true team player !
It has been a pleasure having him as our relator! We will highly recommend him anytime to
everyone we know!
Thank you David for putting our house on the market and selling it even before the date we
expected to close!
We wish you a Happy New Year!
Bonita and Michael Noyman


A quick note to say thank you again for your time today, I really appreciated it and really enjoyed our time together, as always. I feel in very safe hands knowing the rental of the property is with you, and that gives me huge peace of mind.
It has been a wonderful experience dealing with you on the purchase, from start to finish. You're a consummate professional and superb at what you do, absolutely the best I have dealt with in twenty years of buying and selling property. Hope you have a great day tomorrow and looking forward to doing more business in the future. All mywarmest

Many thanks to David Morgan

Sophie Sacofsky
Many thanks to David Morgan.

We started to look to purchase a property in Zichron Yaacov about a year ago.

We had been working with 3 real estate firms, but none of them listened nor showed us properties that fitted our needs

In September 2013 we contacted BarEl properties, and just 5 minutes later David returned our call; he listened to our needs,

letter of recommendation

Daniel Baum FCA
If you want to work with a man who never tires of showing you properties, even when you drive him mad for over a year and cannot make up your mind, then David is your man.

He is always professional, pleasant, friendly and smiling and he knows Zichron like the back of his hand.

The house we eventually bought, was on his recommendation, and was perfect
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