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BarEl Properties Group, specializes in a variety of aspects of real estate mediation, including private and commercial real estate, projects, premium transactions, initiation and development both in Israel and abroad. The group was founded in the Moshava of Zichron Yaacov in 1999 and is privately owned. The main branch of the Barel Group is on 16 HaMeyassdim Street – in the heart of Zichron Yaacov, Binyamina and the other branches, Pardes Hanna and Atlit.

The group provides its customers with a network of professional service, quality and experienced staff knowledgeable in real estate. Our trustworthy agents are available throughout the entire process to handle any situations that may arise.
At Barel Properties, our desire for excellence accompanies the client through every stage of the transaction, creating a safe environment for the various real estate transactions, some of which are complex, and providing professional guidance a true added value to the point where the customer feels safe and confident to complete the deal.

The company is managed by:
Amir Bremli, CEO and owner, has 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in which more than 20 of those have been spent on real estate in Israel and abroad. Amir founded the company in 1999 while creating a substantial change in the real estate mediation of Zichron Ya’akov and the surrounding communities, so that clients can rely on the professional aspects of Barel.
Attorney Joseph Wiezel, CEO and owner has 30 years experience in entrepreneurship, management and law. Leading companies from small businesses to proven successes. Instilling confidence in the legal aspects and business development of Barel.

Together they form a winning combination of personal and professional management that leads the company to be a leader in professional real estate services.

Barel Group provides the following services:

• Real estate brokerage, sales and leases.
• Sale and lease of properties, houses and apartments.
• Sale of land.
• Initiate and develop real estate business.
• Commercial real estate.
• Urban renewal.
• Project management.
• and more …

Barel customers enjoy personal and professional associates and personal attention devoted to large areas such as legal, taxation, assessors, planning, entrepreneurial, commercial and more, all at no additional charge.
The real estate agents of Barel are loyally committed to familiarizing themselves with the pros and cons of every property in the portfolio, which allows them to give the customer the most transparent and accurate assessment, in regard to the condition of each property. In addition, BarEl Properties Group encourages immigration through various organizations around the world and puts emphasis and special attention to returning residents and those looking to make “Aliyah”.

Vision and strengths.

Barel Properties management policy strives for excellence in all areas of activity. Their vision is to solidify its leading position in real estate, creating standards of quality, corporate responsibility, service orientation, creativity, integrity, professionalism, humanity and collaboration between staff. All of this is accompanied by financial strength and reputation, which are the foundation to the success of the Barel Properties Group.

Human Capital

Barel group has an active team of about 35 agents, all real estate brokers licensed through the Justice Department. The agents operate in accordance with the guidelines of Barel’s reliable, professional customer service approach.

When necessary, Barel Properties Group operates the services of first class professionals:
lawyers, architects, building engineers, appraisers, interior designers, remodeling contractors and more, in order to provide the customer with a holistic customer care experience with their property.

Barel services are offered in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Russian. BarEl Properties Group considers it a must to support the community, especially in lower socioeconomic groups, youth sports and more.

Any questions or inquiry please call 04-6399954 (from abroad: +97246399954).

Email inquiries to [email protected] Address on Facebook:

Our new address: 16 HaMeyassdim Street, Zichron Yaacov.

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