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Zichron Yaacov


One of the Baron’s towns, with a local council, that was founded on Dec 6, 1882, and located between the two large cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa. Near the main highways 2,4 and 6 and within short distance from the Binyamina train station. The town was established by immigrants from Romania, on the second day of Hanukka of 1882. The original name of Zichron Yaacov was Zamarin, which is a Jewish or Samaritan name from the Second Temple or the Mishna periods, and it probably means winegrowers in the Aramic-Samaritan language. Zichron Yaacov was the second town that was founded by the pioneers of the First Aliya (Rishon LeTzion was the first). It was announced as a local council in 1950. Zichron Yaacov is in the southern part of the Carmel Ridge and it is blessed with views, nature, winery views and magical recreation sites. The town was established in the current center of town and grown since to various neighborhoods like Yaacov and Neve HaBaron in the west, Neve Sharet and Neve Remez in the south. Nowadays the city expands to incredibly planned neighborhoods like Vilot BaHoresh and Givat Eden on the north and Halomot Zichron in the east. For more than two decades Zichron has been enjoying rejuvenation and has positive immigration, mainly of diverse families of high social and economic status. In Zichron Yaacov there are 4 elementary schools: Nili, HaChoresh, HaChita and the religious Yaavetz school. In addition, there is HaMoshava high school, and the Pelech high school for girls, along the Biblical Yeshiva high school for boys. Also, Keshet democratic and pluralistic school. In Zichron Yaacov there are many historical sites, like Yad LaMeyasdim Museum that is built as a roll of parchment, the historical house of the Aharonson family that was converted into a museum, and the large clerks house that was converted into the First Aliya Museum. There is also a swimming pool, a public library, sports grounds, the Zamarin community center, lots of activities and courses and an active branch of the Maccabi union

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