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Binyamina - Givat Ada


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One of the Baron’s towns, that was established on 1922 south of Zichron Yaacov, and north of Pardes Hanna. It was announced as a local council in 1950, however in 2003 Binyamina and Givat Ada were merged into a single local council, while each town keeps it’s special character within a single economical structure.

Binyamina was founded by the children of the Aliya Rishona settlers from the local towns (Zichron Yaacov and Givat Ada) and by immigrants from the Third Alyia. The foundation ceremony of the new town was on Tu Bishvat of 1922.

Binyamina grew and expanded to more neighborhoods. The first one was Yaacov neighborhood on 1929, and then Givat HaPoel, Oley Germania, Nachalat Zabutinsky and Neve Oved. In the last 20 years Binyamina has become a very attractive town that attracts various new population, and new neighborhoods were established – Carmey Binyamina, Zeroniya and Beit HaCerem. However, the town manages to keep its rural character.

A large part of the residents of the town works in Gush Dan and uses the train station near the developing industrial center of Binyamina. This train station is a transportation hub and attracts many passengers from the area around it.

In Binyamina there are 4 elementary schools: The science school Eshkolot, the religious school HaNadiv, the science school Amirim and Bereshit school for both religious and secular kids. In addition, there is Cramim high school and a community center.


Givat Ada

A town that was founded on Ramot Menashe hills prior to Binyamina and is located north-east to Pardes Hanna-Karkur. It was announced as a local council in 1949, but in 2003 Binyamina and Givat Ada were merged into a single local council, named Binyamina-Givat Ada.

After 4 km of magical drive from the highway, between vines and olive trees, along with pomegranates, persimmons and apples plantations, green and intoxicating view and Ada stream that is crawling in the fields, resides the settlement Givat Ada that is named after the Baroness Ada (Adelheid) De Rothschild.

Today Givat Ada is a blossoming and thriving green settlement, that it’s pretty houses intertwining within 100 yo oak forest, palm and cypress trees that preserve the rural and ancient character and legacy sites.

The town has one elementary school, Geva, that has more than 500 pupils, and is an educational diamond in the heart of the town. Not only does the school maintains high academic level, but it also preserves the legacy. Cooperating with Dorot association (association for settlement preserving) and with multi-generation relationship to the town’s old residents and the escort of the archive’s staff it maintains the tradition of mutual responsibility, community contribution and preserving the historical past of the town.

In Givat Ada one can find today, among the green areas, new neighborhoods, historical sites, swimming pool, public library and a local community center. The town is growing and welcoming new families, while maintaining its rural setting and historical atmosphere, green environment and high quality of life, in a wonderful harmonic way of diverse and special community life.


Finding The Right Home For You in Binyamina

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