Why Is a Home in Zichron Yaacov, Binyamina and the area so popular?

צמוד קרקע What Kind of House Israeli Families Prefer?


Those wondering about the increasing popularity of a house in the area of Zichron Yaacov, Binyamina Givaat Ada, Pardes Hanna Karkur, Caesarea and the Hof Hacarmel communities, last week received an answer from the research department of Israel's Real Estate Appraisers' Bureau.


According to a recent research conducted on Israeli population, 44% said that their dream is living in a single-family home (a "villa"). A big difference from the 90s trend of having a 4 room apartment and in the 80s when it was a 3-3.5 room apartment. 27% wish for a Penthouse, and only 4% (!) prefer a garden apartment. 


But in reality, only 7% of the subjects actually live in a Single-family house.


According to Ran Virnik, Chairman of the Real Estate Appraisers' Bureau, one particularly interesting finding is that people who can afford it prefer to live in a two family home rather than a Penthouse located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv and Dan region. 


Other trends in Israeli preferences are: 76% prefer more rooms with less space than a few with more space. 83% prefer a "large living room" than large bedrooms, but not the master bedroom, 94% reply they must have a master bedroom with a closet and a bathroom (for your attention, contractors!). 53% would like to have a big kitchen even if it means having a smaller living room.  


Israelis like natural habitats, 86% said a nearby park was the reason for choosing a house. 57% prefer a well known architect or designer. 


Houses located far from the family's workplaces are becoming less and less important. 74% are willing to live up to 45 minutes away from their workplace, as long as they live in a place which they desire. On the other hand, living close to schools and other establishments is very important, thereby 79% are unwilling to live in an area located far away from schools, hospitals and shopping centers.  



How about our locations? If we look at the houses we offer in Zichron Yaacov, Binyamina and the area, we will find the most relevant houses for Israeli preferences, which are private houses that Israelis are longing for and yet in reasonable prices, in contrast to prices in the Dan region. The area is surrounded by green parks, only 45 minutes away from Israel's most attractive workplaces.



Unsurprisingly, our houses in Zichron Yaacov and the area are so popular at present, and are becoming even more popular by the day as Israelis realize the area's big advantages and our own, notwithstanding the highly preferred house type, of which we have plenty.


A version of this article by Yoav Etiel appeared in the "Magazin Hamoshavot" weekly

Yoav Etiel is a Partner at BarEl Properties, Ltd.

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