About the BAR SCHWARTZ HOUSE, 19 Hameyasdim

The Foot Pilgrim

This was the home of Chaim bar Schwartz, a founding fater of Zichron Yaacov and enthusiastic proponen of the latest farming methods a deeply religous man who clung steadfastly to his spiritual heritage chaim bar fullfilled the biblical precept of makining the foot pilgrimage to the western wall in Jerusalem- He literally walked there.

Chaim bar son, Reuven, was active in NILI undergruond movment during ww1.

Arested by the authorities, he died in Nazareth gaol after being badly tortured.

Related by Arye Lerner, to Shaul Dagan.


BarEl Properties is headquartered at the historical Bar-Schwartz House on 19 Hameyasdim Street in Zichron Yaacov, just steps from the pedestrian street at the center of the old "Moshava" ("Colony").  (for directions click here).

The house was recently renovated to accomodate our 21st century needs, but is one of the first houses in Zichron Yaacov, has a long history and is a local landmark.