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Public Transportation in Zichron Yaacov


זכרון יעקב | מושבה | קוטג' דו משפחתי | למכירה

For Sale: Two Family Cottage, 2,650,000 ₪

Zichron Yaacov

5 Rooms, 182 Sqm, Land 260 Sqm, 2 Parking Spaces, Balcony 19 Sqm.

Property #2607834

בנימינה | מורדות ישורון | בית | למכירה

For Sale: Villa, 2,700,000 ₪


5 Rooms, 160 Sqm, Land 560 Sqm, 2 Parking Spaces, Balcony 20 Sqm. A ranch style home built...

Property #11341

A Local Neighborhood "Zichronit" in Zichron Yaacov -- When?


Getting out of Zichron Yaacov is very easy! A bus leaves the center of the colony headed to Binyamina bus station, and from there you will be able to find buses headed south - to Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion airport, Be'er Sheva, or north to Haifa, Hakrayot region, Akko (Acre) and Naharia.

שכונתית של אגדFrom Tel Aviv Central Bus Station you can take an express bus to Jerusalem (And now there's also a train). The train service in Binyamina has been greatly improved in the past few years. For example, There are over 40 daily trains headed to Tel-Aviv, twice an hour during daytime and three during rush hour! The express train ride to Tel Aviv takes no more than 26 minutes. The train service hours have increased to 21 per day, almost "around the clock". You may know that the last train to Tel Aviv leaves at 22:17 from Binyamina, but did you know that the first train from Binyamina to Tel Aviv leaves at 1:55 am? This early train stops in Tel Aviv at 2:27 and takes you to the new terminal 3 at the Ben Gurion airport at 2:40. Did you come from Zichron Yaacov? From Ben-Gurion airport, you can get to any place in the world! 


But one might ask, "how do I get to the center of the colony, and from it to other locations?"


There is a bus service in Zichron Yaacov, the bus leaves two to three times a day and there are many bus stops, for example: If you want visit Givat-Dan in the morning and come back later in the afternoon, you will find the bus empty, waiting just for you.


About a year ago, the head of Zichron Yaacov's council declared that he had reached an agreement with "Nativ Express" transportation company, and that in "a few days time" there will be a massive change in Zichron Yaacov's bus services. People are still waiting at the bus stands.


Haifa is has challenging topography, similar to that of Zichron Yaacov, neighborhoods stretching one after the other with streams running between the streets, and one main road in the middle. Last week, "Eged" launched a brand new high-quality bus service in Haifa, called "Shchunatit". Now Haifa's roads are more comfortable for orientation than ever. Just like in the TV commercials, residents use "Shchunatit" in order to get to school, the bank, the supermarket, and also as a connection bus for other outer city destinations. The use of the "Shchunatit" service is provided though single tickets, multiple use tickets or "Chofshi Chodshi"(a monthly bus pass). The card can be used again for additional travel in the city (known as "transfer" in other countries) with no added charge (after purchase the ticket is valid for one hour). Local buses have frequency of up to 4 times per hour, stations were added and walking from the bus stop to your place of residence now only takes 2-3 minutes.


Zichron Yaacov is in dire need of its own neighborhood transportation service - a "shchunatit". The local council must do whatever it can in order to have "Eged" buses at work in Zichron Yaacov. Does anyone think that the service will not be an incredible success?











A version of this article by Yoav Etiel appeared in the "Magazin Hamoshavot" weekly

Yoav Etiel is a Partner at BarEl Properties, Ltd.

© 2006 BarEl Properties, Ltd. All Rights Reserved

בשמורה | קוטג' חדש| למכירה

For Sale: Villa / Cottage, 3,200,000 ₪

Zichron Yaacov, Hashmura

215 Sqm, Land 431 Sqm, 2 Parking Spaces, Balcony 10 Sqm, Garden 330 Sqm. In the Shmura neighborhood! New and special project, 4 great cottages are offered, currently...

Property #2694176

זכרון יעקב | גבעת עדן | וילה | למכירה

For Sale: Villa, 3,400,000 ₪

Zichron Yaacov, Givaat Eden

294 Sqm, Land 500 Sqm, 2 Parking Spaces. In Zikhron Yaakov, in the desirable and prestigious Givat Eden neighborhood, a uniqu house, renovated with excellent taste, a...

Property #2755062

זכרון יעקב | חלומות זכרון | דירת גן | להשכרה

For Rent: Garden Apartment, 5,400 ₪

Zichron Yaacov

130 Sqm, Parking, Garden 137 Sqm. In Zikhron Yaakov, in the young neighborhood Halomot, a 4 room west facing apartment - trim and highly maintained! The kitchen is...

Property #3028803

For Sale: Land, 1,190,000 ₪

Pardes Hanna Karkur, Neve Asher

Land 450 Sqm. In Pardes Hana, in the extremely desirable neighborhood Neve Asher, a private lot for sale. The lot is a very spacious approx. 450 Sqm land ready to...

Property #2480440

Yoav Etiel, 11/11/2006
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