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Welcome to the Largest Selection of Israel Real Estate For Sale and For Rent in Zichron Yaacov, Binyamina, and the Area!

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Zichron Yaacov

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Givat Ada

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זכרון יעקב | המושבה | דירה | למכירה

For Sale: Apartment, 2,575,000 ₪

Zichron Yaacov

3 Rooms, 120 Sqm, Parking, Balcony 46 Sqm.

Property #3738379

זכרון יעקב | רמת צבי | פנטהאוז | למכירה

For Sale: Penthouse, 2,300,000 ₪

Zichron Yaacov, Ramat Zvi

4 Rooms, 115 Sqm, Parking, Balcony 90 Sqm. For sale now! In the "Top of the Moshava"...

Property #84646

Apartment For Sale

Property #57109

For Sale: Apartment, 4 Rooms


9th Floor, 132 Sqm

For those who are lovers of scenery, quiet, and comfort, high-floor apartment in a condo hotel on the beautiful beach at the entrance to Haifa, a beautifully decorated apartment, Mediterranean seaside view from every corner, plenty of air and light, for those who love the good life!
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Haifa ! The 3rd largest city in Israel, Haifa is home to approximately 267,800 people. In Talmudic literature the city was first mentioned around 400 CE and was described as a small town in close proximity to Shikmona; it was not until 1868 when German Templers arrived that the city would be modernized and shaped into a center of commerce. Its vast expanse of clustered suburbs and bustling city streets makes it a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. The city of Haifa is built over a great portion of the Carmel mountains, which provides for spectacular views of surrounding land from lookout points and a glorious view of the sea which culminates in the vital, busy port of Haifa .
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זכרון יעקב | רמת צבי | פנטהאוז | למכירה

For Sale: Penthouse, 2,300,000 ₪

Zichron Yaacov, Ramat Zvi

115 Sqm, Parking, Balcony 93 Sqm.

Property #104244

זכרון יעקב | חלומות זכרון | דירת גן | למכירה |

For Sale: Garden Apartment, 2,260,000 ₪

Zichron Yaacov

First floor, 148 Sqm, Parking, Garden 130 Sqm.

Property #3519924

פרדס חנה כרכור | נווה מרחב | בית | למכירה

For Sale: Two Family Cottage, 2,050,000 ₪

Pardes Hanna Karkur

105 Sqm, Land 606 Sqm, 2 Parking Spaces. In Pardes Hanna, in a good and desirable neighborhood, a two-family house with three rooms, all in one floor! The house...

Property #3193486

זכרון יעקב | נוה רמז | בית | למכירה

For Sale: Two Family Cottage, 2,270,000 ₪

Zichron Yaacov, Neve Remez

161 Sqm, Land 250 Sqm, 2 Parking Spaces, Balcony 5 Sqm. In Zichron Yaacov, in the pastoral Neve Remez, in a quiet and convenient location near Neve Habaron and a...

Property #3384850
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